Greetings Fellowship North family! The staff and elders have been in communication with local and national organizations as well as attending numerous meetings/conferences, and reading articles about how to lead during the time we find ourselves in.
We are following the state government guidelines and the science reported from those that have access to this information via all mediums, but above all other things we are in constant prayer about how to lead FN during this pandemic.

We intentionally called the RTTB Plan "return to the building" and not "return to the church" because #weAre the church, #youAre the church!
Together we make up the local church and collectively around the world, each local church makes up "The Church", His Church!


The RTTB Plan will consist of three phases.

  • Phase I will consist of the a target date of when we plan on returning to the building along with guidelines of policies and procedures that will need to be followed to ensure everyone's safety. Phase I will also consist of the target number of members we will allow back into the building. We are currently looking at how we can assign seating based on availability.

  • Phase II will give additional guidelines and provide lessons learned during Phase I. Phase II will be cyclical in nature, as this phase will allow us to increase the total occupancy of the building until we reach Phase III.

  • Phase III will be the steps, guidelines, and lessons learned for decommissioning of Phase I and Phase II as we would be returning to the building before COVID-19.
Phase I of the RTTB Plan is currently in the works and we are tentatively targeting June 21st as the go live date for returning to the building. This date is again tentatively set and can move out depending on the changing of information.

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